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Prize of the Semi-Final:

Mamont Vodka will award each winning team per semi-final (total five teams) with an all-costs-covered adventure to Iceland to take place in August 2016. #ChooseAdventure


28 August
• Arrival in Reykjavik
• Group transport via 2 Helicopters to tented camp at 17.00
• Dinner in tented camp and meet & greet of all expedition participants

29 August
• Monster-Jeep tour: visiting Gullfoss waterfall, active Geysirs, active volcano area Langjkull
• River rafting on river Hvita (note to take waterproof/comfortable wear for colder weather conditions, hiking boots, hat, gloves)
• Pop-up cocktail competition “Grand Finale”


The semi-finalists will meet one more time for their last friendly battle-off and “Grand Finale” in the land of contrasts, the land of fire and ice, the land where nothing is quite as it seems, both a fertile, temperate, European country like any other… and it is also a barren, frozen Arctic wasteland, all at the same time.

The celebration will continue with all winning semi-finalists coming from France, UK, Russia, Germany and USA as a true international experience.

30 August
• Visiting northern island Vestman Pompei
• Hiking to the volcanic crater Mt. Eldfell
• Bay boat excursion: bird and then whale watching, if lucky
• On the way back stop at Kleashellir to hear the sounds of nature
• Rib safari and visiting islands Alsey,Suрurey, Brandur as well as 6 different bays

31 August
Blue Lagoon Geothermal SPA Visit

The first Mamont Mission took place in Paris and London, followed by the Grand Finale in Moscow on 19th of May, 2014 in line with the first official Polar Explorer Day in Russia, where the worthy winners Clement Bappel (chef) and Valentin Calvel (bartender) of restaurant “Apicius”, France presented their Parisian inspired cocktail “The Ice Floe” and the “Drop of the Arctic”, featuring a hand-carved ice ball, osietra caviar and real golden flakes.

Clement and Valentin were selected from hundreds of contestants across Europe and a dozen teams in Moscow, and won the main prize: to embark on a one-week trip on the coasts of Greenland onboard of the massive wooden vessel “Activ”, one of the last known to be able to cross the Arctic Ocean.

The rich once in a lifetime experience included activities such as: iceberg climbing, nearly burning down the vessel by BBQ-ing whale meat, climbing to the highest point of the main mast, cruising the coasts of Greenland on the flying ‘Polaris’ boat, observing nature’s most magnificent light show – the Aurora Borealis- and discovering the region’s natural ingredients and relishing local food!

The Mamont Mission was established in 2014 in line with the first official Polar Explorer Day in Russia and is a multi-national competition unifying chef and bartender talents that aspire to explore new grounds in mixology and gastronomy. Due to its great success last year, Mamont Vodka continues the adventure this year with the competition’s yearly edition.

Discover the most elegant Vodka from Siberia, infused with the spirit of adventure.