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Saint-Petersburg Semi-Final, 2016

One of the most influential figures of the Russian bartender community, co-owner of restaurants « Delicatessen », « Yunost » and co-founder of the education center «Clubaratory».

Saint-Petersburg Semi-Final, 2016

Co-founder of «Bartender Brothers» and «Clubaratory»; a bartending connoisseur, who specializes in judging and frequently attends competitions to evaluate bartenders.

Saint-Petersburg Semi-Final, 2016

Evgeny (“Eugene”) was chosen to present his dish Northern Sea, created specially for THE MAMONT MISSION III and inspired by the Barents Sea landscapes.

Being one of the Northern Capital’s leading chefs and holder of two Michelin stars, Evgeny has rich experience under his sleeve working in kitchens such as: Il Palazzo, La Maree, Grato, «EM», «Volna», he is also known as the concept chef of projects “Mozhno”, “Vinny Shkaf” and Tatin.

German Semi-Final, 2016

Literature Scientist, Bartender, DJ, Presenter, Author, Journalist and Editor in Chief at Mixology Magazine

He started working as an author for Mixology Magazine in December 2012 then he became the editor of Mixology Online.

Since March 2015 Nils is the Editor in Chief at Mixology Magazine.

2013 – 2015 Bar Manager: Die Villa – Kombüse

2010 – 2013 Bartender at Atlantic Hotel, Kiel

London Semi-Final, 2016

Star chef and owner of ZIMA in London, famous journalist and restaurateur, Editor-in-Chief of Russia’s culinary magazine «Eda», culinary TV host and chef, whose style is often described as a fusion of Russian flavours with notes of European and Asian cuisines.

London Semi-Final, 2016

Simon Difford has been involved in most aspects of the drinks industry from running his own off license and wholesale company to importing spirits and brand creation, but is best known as a drinks writer and publisher. Simon founded CLASS Magazine in 1997, a title that became the leading UK style bar title before he sold it to William Reed Publishing to prepare for the launch of his range of diffordsguide drinks related books in 2001. The best known of these, ‘diffordsguide – Cocktails’, is about to celebrate its 10th edition with 3,000 colour-illustrated recipes and is widely regarded as the authoritative international cocktail publication in print and now also online.

London Semi-Final, 2016

James Fowler, owner of The Larder House and The Library in Bournemouth, following his team’s victorious and theatrical presentation at the MAMONT MISSION II Semi-final in London, joined the Grand Finale in Moscow.

Fowler’s experience in competitions, both as a presenter and jury, extends to being crowned the World Class UK Bartender Of The Year 2014, known as one of the most difficult of cocktail challenges spread across two countries.

Paris, London & Saint Petersburg Semi-Finals, 2016

Global Brand Ambassador of MAMONT VODKA.
Since 2008 Tamara inspires people about Adventurous Spirit of the MAMONT VODKA and stands for Mamont Brand development across all markets. Before joining Mamont, she worked at Pernod Ricard Eastern Europe and then left to pursue an MBA in the hospitality management at ESSEC in Paris. Origin of Russia, with an air traffic controller background, she has joined several high profile expeditions such as Arktika 2007, Mamont Cup 2015 and others. As the media representative of the Foundation Mamont Tamara will take the winning team of The Mamont Mission Final to the next breathtaking Adventure.

Paris Semi-Final, 2016

Main barman of grand luxury hotel Le Bristol Paris, Maxime Hoerth along with teammate Juan Arbelaez won at the Grand Finale of the MAMONT MISSION II in 2015.

In 2011 Maxime won the coveted award Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), also known as the Best Cratsman of France, as the Best Bartender in France.

Most recent achievement includes publishing a collection of his own best cocktail recipes at Le Bristol Paris in the “Cocktails” publication.

Paris Semi-Final, 2016

As the co-winner of last year’s MAMONT MISSION young Colombian chef Juan Arbelaez was chosen to present his dish Sliyaniye, created for this year’s competition and inspired by the expedition to the Siberian Tundra that followed as the prize of the victory. Juan will also be the judge at the MAMONT MISSION III in Paris.

Arbelaez arrived in Paris in 2008 as a young chef aspiring to work with the bigger forces. Now settled in Boulogne-Billancourt, his restaurant La Plantxa offers cuisine influenced by his Latin origins.

Paris Semi-Final, 2016

Raphaële Marchal is a force that awakens the French food blogosphere with a Golden Blog Award under her belt.
“Editor for Fooding and magazines Fou Fou and Pastry Kitchen, I also organize events for brands or clients via “En Rang d’Oignons Evenementiel”, and I am a columnist for webTV. Besides that, I run my blog, when I have some time, and I am in partnership with start-ups in the gastronomy. And I eat! Too much! “