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Now in its third year, the MAMONT MISSION invites adventurous bartenders to compete in a world-class food & cocktail pairing competition in 2016!

Participants must present themselves in a team consisting of two bartenders, both currently employed by a licensed bar or restaurant.

The team is challenged to complete three tasks: (1) a long cocktail and (2) a shot cocktail complementary to a dish recipe of Mamont Vodka’s Chef choice, both capturing Mamont Vodka’s adventurous spirit and Siberian heritage. Both the long and short drinks must be prepared with good quality ingredients and served in a style that captures the Mamont Vodka brand and the dish by Mamont selected Chef. For information about the dish recipe per country, please check back in DISHES BY COUNTRY.

(3) The Infused Vodka recipe is your homework, could be prepared far in advance for competition presentation and will be judged on its own, with no relation to the Dish proposed by Mamont’s chef. We simply expect you to infuse Mamont Vodka with your personal adventure, choose your flavor, choose your adventure!

Only one application per team may be submitted; recipes must be written in French or English or German or Russian as per country’s official language. The competition in 2016 is open to legal residents of the following countries: France, UK, Russia, Germany and USA.

The MAMONT MISSION semi-finals will take place in five respective cities: Paris (March), London (April), Moscow (May) as well as Munich (June) and New York (July). For more information about the competition schedules, please check back in SCHEDULE.

The teams will be contacted in March (Paris semi-final), April (London semi-final), May (Moscow semi-final), August (German semi-final) and August 2016 (New York semi-final) and informed whether they are among the teams making it to the competition in their country. The selection of semi-finalists will depend on the judging panel of leading industry experts and the application’s consistency with the theme of the competition.

THE PRIZE: Mamont Vodka will award each winning team per semi-final (total five teams) with an all-costs-covered adventure to Iceland to take place in August 2016. The semi-finalists will meet one more time for their last friendly battle-off and “Grand Finale” in the land of contrasts, the land of fire and ice, the land where nothing is quite as it seems, both a fertile, temperate, European country like any other… and it is also a barren, frozen Arctic wasteland, all at the same time.

The celebration will continue with all winning semi-finalists coming from France, UK, Russia, Germany and USA as a true international experience. Awesome!


The team shall submit two cocktails: (1) a long cocktail and (2) a shot cocktail, which include Mamont Vodka as the main ingredient. The recipe must be described in detail (i.e., ingredients, quantities in ml or gram) together with a step-by step method (i.e., glassware, preparation order and time) and images provided in the ‘Attachments’ field.

(3) The Infused Vodka Recipe shall include a step-by-step method and detailed description (i.e., ingredients, quantities in ml or gram, preparation order, infusion time and container used, served warm/cold or before/after the dish, as apéritif or digestif) and images provided in the ‘Attachments’ field. Mamont Vodka is the main alcohol ingredient, no other alcohol is allowed to be used.